Date: 13th January 2020 at 7:00pm
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It looks as if the problems are starting to turn up at the other end of the pitch.

Having spoken before about how the team needed to start taking their chances and scoring goals, now QPR boss Mark Warburton is saying that his team need to be more focused when it comes to stopping goals going into their net.

Speaking after the game with Brentford, Warburton said that even though his side faced some tough conditions, it still doesn’t excuse giving the home side the start that they did, and that as a team, they need to make sure they don’t put themselves in that sort of position again:

 “I know the wind was exceptionally strong in the first half, but we’ve got to be better – it’s as simple as that. In the second half, we knew we had to get hold of the football. We made changes and were much better – as I said, we got the goal and missed some big chances, which we’ve got to take. We do things together – we defend our goal together and we attack together. As a team, we have to stop giving away soft goals.”

And just as a side note, I said before the game that I felt like we needed to be more conservative when it came to scoring goals. I just didn’t expect them to take it quite so literally and let Brentford take over the role of goal-machines.

Whilst Warburton here is talking about defending as a team, I do think that it’s the defence that needs to be looked at. As I’ve discussed before, the attack is doing well at this club, but the defence has been letting the team down, which is what also baffles me about the way the club seem to be continuing their pursuit of Lawrence Shankland when it’s not the area that is most pressing at the club right now.

Does the state of our defence worry you?





Once the club has got that problem solved, then they can look at bolstering the attack, but right now QPR own the third-worst defence in the division, and that should be the biggest concern going into the rest of the January window and the rest of the season.


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  • The only players who need to step up are the defence players. We have Nahki running about all over the shop trying to stem the flow instead of where he should be – up front scoring goals. Just check out our goals for and against.

  • You won the toss, wind wise you kicked the wrong way (most fans home and away like there attack towards them second half). Luton did the same they shipped seven, extremely lucky you did not concede more first half, a bad decision had to be down to Warbs.

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