Date: 12th January 2020 at 8:00am
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I didn’t quite expect it to be taken to this level.

I said before the game that the team should “rest the legs and spread the effort across the games rather than going gung ho in one of them”, and it looks as if they took my advice a little bit too literally, well that seemed to be the way they handled the first half anyway.

A poor first-half display set the stage for Brentford to hand QPR a thumping 3-1 loss in the final West London Derby at Griffin Park, and although Mark Warburton’s men managed to get one back in the second-half through Nahki Wells, there wasn’t much chance of a Rangers fightback.

And it looks as if there is one man that is taking the blame for the defeat among the QPR fans, and that’s manager Warburton. Whether it was his tactical decisions before the game, during the game or just not being able to get the team up for such an occasion, there was certainly a lot for him to answer for from the fanbase.

Which game is the bigger rivalry to you?





Don’t worry, only second-placed Leeds to deal with next week, so there’s a chance to bounce back there.


10 Replies to ““Hang your heads in shame”: The knives are out amongst some QPR fans after Brentford horror show”

  • I can only echo the comments above, I read we are looking at another striker, if this news is correct I will give up. with the 2nd highest goal tally in the championship we are only 15th, the reason is being in the enviable position of having the 2nd worse goals conceded. Try sorting out the defence before strengthening the attack.

  • The Bees are a top Championship side, but it took 10 years to change the club and get a team together that could play at the highest level. Warburton was a big part of the development of Brentford FC and he will do it for you. QPR should remember the FFP regs and the problems they have caused your club, you have to get past this and get the basics right. Deep pockets mean nothing in the Championship its how well your club is run that counts. Rangers will get there the same as Brentford if they get their basics rght, stop wishing for the moon and build your team and your club and hopefully you will join the Bees in the Premier league.

  • What has happen to our club, all we have left is the memories of bobby Z . I keep a box of tissues on the dressing table for when I play my playoff dvd. At least I get a 30 second thrill.

  • looks like a couple of Chelsea supporters have gatecrashed here – they dont know how to write either, cant wait to see their CV when they apply for jobs

    • Oh come on lads, don’t be so bitter cos you got thumped home and away AGAIN. Good luck in the play….. Oh wait mid table 😂


  • Oh lads just a couple of pointers….

    The “two” youths is intact just one, another thing you got wrong just like your tactics Derby Day

    I certainly ain’t a Chelsea fan that’s for sure, and I’ve got a better job than you think you bin monkey.

    Getting you lot to bite is easier than the temptation of nibbling on your grans nipples


  • I think you mean proven and grammar mate. You lot just can’t get anything right nowadays…. Corrections, grammar, tactics…..

    Cheer up lads, another game another thumping this weekend coming by Leeds


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