The Best Queen’s Park Rangers Players of All Time

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What makes a brilliant football player? Experts agree that it’s the ability to play as part of a team, game intelligence, mindset, physique, and technique. Who has had the best proportions of these qualities at the Queen’s Park Rangers over the years? Let’s find out.

Clive Allen (1978–1980 and 1981–1984)


During his first stint with the Queen’s Park Rangers, Allen scored over 30 goals in nearly 50 appearances before leaving to join the Gunners. When he eventually returned to the Hoops, he went on to score 40 goals in almost 90 appearances. He also played a vital role in getting QPR to their first FA Cup final.

If you searched for odds on Allen, you’d have found them as competitive as the Caulfield Cup odds were for Might and Power in 1997.

Dave Thomas (1972–1977)


Thomas has been arguably the very best winger to play for the Rs. He used his strength and gift for pacing on the ball to provide players like Gerry Francis and Stan Bowles with amazing service from the wing. Thomas was a very important player during the 1975–76 season, with the Rangers leading the First Division for the majority of the season before they narrowly missed out on the top spot to the Reds.

Gerry Francis (1968–1979 and 1981–1982)


Francis is remembered for being a very box-to-box midfielder, and this fact helped him score nearly 60 goals while he was with the Super Hoops. He was actually awarded the captain’s armband for the national English team because of the fine form he displayed during his period with the Queen’s Park Rangers.

Les Ferdinand (1987–1995)


After he was successfully loaned to Brentford and Besiktas, the Turkish side, Ferdinand returned to the Hoops as a different player. He had brilliant seasons in the early 90s, scoring 20 goals in nearly 40 games in the season of 1992/93 and being a pivotal part of why the Rs finished 5th in the FA Premier League as well.

Paul Parker (1987–1991)


Although Parker previously played as a right back for the Red Devils, Parker went on to become a centre-back when he joined the Rangers. Here he formed a formidable defence with Alan McDonald. Parker was known for his speed, and this fact went on to gain him recognition internationally when he played during the national English team’s World Cup campaign in 1990.

Rodney Marsh (1966–1972)


After his joining in 1996, Marsh had what many agree was his best season for the Super Hoops, scoring almost 45 goals in 50+ games and helping his team become Third Division Champions. He also earned himself the top goal scorer award.

Stan Bowles (1972–1979)


Bowles had successful periods at Carlisle, Crewe Alexander, and Manchester City before he replaced Rodney Marsh in the Queen’s Park Rangers team. He scored nearly 100 goals in his more than 300 appearances in multiple stadiums and made his presence known in the 1975–76 season as QPR finished just one point behind the Premier League Champions, Liverpool.

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