Date: 26th April 2009 at 8:40am
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A national newspaper has revealed that Queens Park Rangers are only training twice a week as the season begins to wind down.

The People newspaper has revealed this morning (Sunday) that Rangers chiefs cut the training sessions owing to the fact there was nothing to play for in a season that had stagnated.

Judging on the basis of this weekend`s performance, the sharpness and alertness was clearly lacking in a few of the players, which one would come to expect from an end of season fixture.

This comes as the same newspaper outlet reports that there is unrest in the squad over the end of season trip to Bahrain, with many players having to cancel family holidays to join up in the money spinning venture.

While this is another case of the doom and gloom merchants trying to cast a shadow over W12, it certainly is disconcerting with season ticket holders paying to see a season`s worth of football and getting a sluggish start and finale to an indifferent campaign.

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5 Replies to “Part-Time Rangers?”

  • If true it’s not ideal really – especially as the players are moaning about going to Bahrain. Some of them just need to get on with their job.

  • It was pretty evident yesterday that some of the players cant be bothered to get on with their job! However, at this time of the season, is there a great need to be training hard every day of the week? Perhaps, as usual, there is more to this than meets the eye but it is how it is represented in the paper to make it “sensational”. I, for one, will be so glad when next Sunday has gone – draw a dark black curtain over this season and move on…!

  • Players had to cancel holidays? Im sorry but if any player wanted to book holidays during playoffs (which were still mathematically possible 2 weeks back) they do need to be getting a dose of reality.

  • More negative rubbish from the Carp that is the British press. What is the point of making players turn up to training every day when there is nothing to play for? All that will be achieved will be yet more injuries, (see Adel Taraabt). We are not the only club to do it, but we are the only one owned by “dirty foreigners” to do it. The xenophobia of the press in this country is truly disgusting.

  • I love the way the press report is effectively telling the fans how they should feel! “Rangers fans will be outraged” or words to that effect.

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