Vital WC Germany 2006!

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Roll up, Roll up. Let the madness begin!

The Vital unofficial World Cup site has been running for several weeks but as we approach the June 9th kick off, the pace is gathering and the excitement is building!

You’ll find World Cup articles now appear on the top level of Vital Football and are also available directly at:

Click Here For Vital International

And we have a fully interactive forum that you can simply log into with your club login details at: Click Here For The Forums

Finally there is a predictions league called Poule and Play. It is very simple to register with and the predictions are set out in a fantastically easy format. Just put in the scores and see how clever you are! Click Here For The WC Poule And Play

Join the agony and the ecstasy throughout June and early July. Together, we might just survive in-tact!

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