Report: Further financial details emerge as QPR closing in on player agreement


The Queens Park Rangers squad are set to agree to a 25% wage deferral over the next three months after rejecting the club’s idea to make it half of their salary.

Like every side in the the Football League, it’s been over six weeks now since the R’s last played and the lack of income in that period is starting to have an impact on teams up and down the country – as had been predicted.

Therefore, the Londoners are ready to take action, with the Telegraph revealing that talks have been ongoing over a wage deferral and an agreement is now imminent. After not wanting to take a 50% temporary decrease, the squad are happy to have a quarter of their salary over the next three months deferred in order to help the club financially. The situation has already impacted the Championship side, with QPR furloughing many of their non-playing staff.

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The report also outlines why this may be seen as a necessary move for the club, as they recorded losses of over £10m last May and they have been working on cutting costs for the past few years after their relegation from the Premier League that brought a penalty from the EFL back in July 2018.

Providing this does go through, QPR won’t be the first club to take such action, with Leeds United and Birmingham City both agreeing reductions with their squad, whilst it has been claimed that further clubs will follow suit, including Hull City and Cardiff City among others.

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