Date: 6th February 2009 at 7:11am
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Nottingham Forest have comfirmed that, as their pitch is playable, they do not intend to have a pitch inspection and tomorrow`s scheduled game with QPR is to go ahead.

I have spoken to Nottingham Forest and they have confirmed that, at present, there is no reason to call the game off. However, they will continue to monitor the situation and will make a further decision this afternoon, based on current weather conditions.

I will keep everyone informed, as promised, should there be any change. But, for now, you should take it that the game goes ahead as planned – so start your journey now. That should get you there by 3.00pm tomorrow – just in time for kick-off!!

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6 Replies to “Nottingham Forest – Announcement Update!”

  • I’m north-west London, too, and I’ve had a thunderstorm, rain, heavy snow, sleet & now it’s snowing again!! I’ve just not had blistering hot sunshine today – think I’m putting in a complaint to the Big Man Upstairs – I’d like a full house of weather conditions, if you please!!

  • Recall going to Port Vale once and observing every kind of weather from the car! Got to the ground just before the game and the tables and chairs by the burger van went flying away in the wind!

  • Ipswich, I think it was, a few months ago (I think – my memory sucks!). All kindsa weather in the space of a 90-minute game! But I do wait to be corrected on this!

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