Date: 14th April 2008 at 9:13pm
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Every month Vital Queens Park Rangers provides visitors a football game, however, on this occasion we have decided to try something slightly different.

Summary / Idiots Guide

Using your mouse click on the screen and begin blasting away.

For those with the patience and want to read through the small print prior to beginning the game can do so by clicking here.

5 Replies to “Blast That Gunner”

  • Bloody eck I could murder an Old Speckled Hen right now. As for the game – Don’t forget to save your best score.

  • Those that have registered their highest scores in the last 24 hours are as follows: 1)Worthing Hoops – 19050. 2)Hoops – 10500. 3)Superhoopmango – 8350. 4)gavster 31 – 7400 5) Welshboy 78 – 6150 6) Eganranger – 5400 7) PSB 1970 – 3800. Can anyone beat Worthing Hoops cracking score?

  • (Tue 15/04/08 – 2030 hrs).Out of my hands but the game HTML is still embedded but the game has disappeared. I’ve tried the website concerned and it’s down. I’m guessing it must be their server. Hope it comes on-line soon, I was rather fond of that!

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