Date: 9th August 2018 at 7:30am
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Late yesterday evening it was being reported that Blackburn Rovers had launched a laughable £4million bid for Queens Park Rangers midfielder Luke Freeman.

Freeman’s future was a hot topic of speculation on the rumour mill this month, especially following our withdrawal of the Financial Fair Play appeal and the subsequent punishment we had no choice but to accept from the EFL and fans had long made their thoughts known that if any kind of deal was to take place it had to be priced at a minimum of £10million because they could swallow it.

The previous speculation, as covered earlier this month, suggested Middlesbrough, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United as being in with £3million interests in the 26-year-old but in response to that owner Tony Fernandes took the time to answer a fan and stated.

With Sky Sports covering the latest development, Fernandes needs to remember that tweet and stick to it or they’ll be plenty of unhappy fans.


3 Replies to “Blackburn In Laughable QPR Bid – Fernandes Challenged To Stick To His Word”

  • What’s laughable is the state QPR have gotten themselves into! Do the decent thing and take the money!

  • Nothing laughable about that bid. £4m for a 26yr old Championship midfielder is a good deal. You are dreaming if you think anyone would pay £10m. We’ll see by 5pm if Freeman is still a QPR player.

    • Seem to have struck a nerve.

      He’s still a QPR player by the way, sorry to burst your bubble.

      And yes it is ridiculous as a fee when you look at other deals and those prices going through, just because QPR are rich pickings in recent years owing to our own mess, doesn’t mean every player has to be undervalued.

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