Date: 22nd February 2010 at 5:40pm
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West Bromwich Albion have signed Wigan Athletic midfielder Ben Watson on loan until the end of the season.

The 24-year-old will provide cover for Gonzalo Jara, who has been ruled out for the remainder of the campaign with a broken metatarsal.

Watson spent four months on loan with QPR earlier this season.


14 Replies to “Watson Joins Baggies”

  • Without question he has had the talent in his career – but to be honest I wouldn’t have expected his head to be in it at the end, he was getting heckled from all angles. He wasn’t playing well, but never warranted the calibre of abuse he got – all coming from the same areas that were clambering for him a year previously.

  • That’s it, I’m sure. He was one of the worst players on the pitch because of us fans, nothing to do with his own talent or application then.

  • Don’t get me wrong – he wasn’t as good as he was billed, but he’s still a decent player – at his best certainly better than what we have at the moment. When all’s said and done we didn’t see the best of him, and weren’t likely too – would you play your heart out for say Palace if they heckled your every misplaced pass/tackle?

  • Boxer, don’t even try to defend him. If he had played with the passion he showed at Palace we would have taken to him. Instead, he just sulked about being back in the CCC having failed to make the grade at Wigan. He just wasn’t interested from day one!

  • Sorry I can agree, he is a good player that we did not see the best of.
    I think he tried while he was here especial at the beginning was unlucky
    with the second red, then the crowd turned he was an easy target, and this happens to much at QPR


    Is that the red card for ignoring the instructions of the referee?More fool him than the ref!! He was given an instruction and chose to ignore it. That said, he wasn’t helped very much by Buz, who should have told him to have a bit of sense!!

  • QPR4me, I seem to remember we disagreed on this at the time!!!
    The Ref did not give instructions that was the problem, still its
    old history now, so best forgotton

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