Date: 2nd October 2012 at 8:16pm
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Mark Hughes is an admired ex-pro, whose playing career spanned over 20 years with over 600 league appearances and 163 league goals to his name, turning out for some of Europe`s greatest teams including Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Chelsea. The former Welsh international moved into management following his retirement and having managed Blackburn, Manchester City and Fulham, the 48-year-old now sits at the helm of Queens Park Rangers. Vital QPR proudly has exclusive access to his weekly diary and will give you an interesting and reflective insight into the goings on at QPR.

2nd October 2012

‘AN EARLY exit from the Capital One Cup, a late winner from Watford costing me my colossal 45-team accumulator and a disappointing 2-1 loss to West Ham last night all contributed to a week I`d rather forget. As football managers we all experience the testing times, and I`d be lying if I didn`t say I wasn`t feeling the pressure – the type of pressure you get when you`re on the last level of Brickbreaker and you just can`t seem to get that damn ball under control – but Tony rang me after the game and assured me my job is more than safe.

Having seen Man City, Everton and Burton Albion get dumped out of the League Cup on Tuesday I genuinely thought we could go on to win the whole thing. However, having selected a strong side, we surrendered two leads in authentic Team USA fashion and unfortunately found ourselves out of another cup competition. I always enjoy my post-match drink with the opposing manager, however trying to embrace a conversation with Brian McDermott is about as interesting as listening to Gary Barlow on my TV screen on a Saturday night.

Earlier in the week we announced our agreement with Blackburn for a £4 million fee for Junior Hoilett – I did wonder why they sacked Kean straight after it was announced though. The rest of the week was spent leading up to the West Ham game, where we were pleased to join them in their 57th televised game of the season so far. Despite having worked on nullifying West Ham`s plan A all week, we forget to implement any sort of plan ourselves and produced a performance that was largely unacceptable.

We now have to travel to West Brom bottom of the table and severely lacking in confidence. This will certainly test my true credentials as a manager and I will be making numerous changes in the hope of securing our first win of the season. Taarabt will certainly start, and should Kieron Dyer spit onto the saliva swab instead of me this time, he may have a chance of making the squad.’

Vital QPR would like to notify all readers at this point, that in no way is Mark Hughes actually associated with this website. The opinions stated above are merely for the purposes of entertainment and have absolutely no connection to the beliefs or views of the QPR manager. We hope.


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  • Hughes is a poor manager who is something of a media myth as we at City found out. I think you should get rid ASAP and push to get Redknapp who has his limits but as he showed with Spurs can get a lot out of players. A Hughes’ problem is that he can identify and sign good players (especially with Mike Rigg nearby) but rarely get the best out of them.

  • Sorry Boxer, I understand it’s a parody but didn’t know where else I’d put a general comment about Hughes. I like QPR especially after the last game of last season where the fans congratulated each other at full-time, but I don’t think Hughes will be able to live up to your owner’s ambitions. I’m still a bit resentful at him for some of the damage he caused at City, we are still paying (literally) for some of his bad buys.

  • Do not worry StuMCFC, There are some, like me, who never wanted Hughes near our club in the first place. In part, due to his wasteful spending and lack of achievement with your team. I’ll admit to being in the minority but he won’t change my mind as I passionately believe that he is nowehere near as good as he likes to think he is. After all, his managerial record doesn’t back him up at any club or country.

  • Thank god you have him and Al Fayad saw his greed and potential damage Hughes can cause…..he will distroy your club and you gonna go the pompey way, love to bobby z and aj hehe. Fulham in da house!

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