Date: 11th July 2017 at 3:42pm
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It was in 2007 when I took a voluntary sabbatical and gave it all up – 10 years on and has anything changed?

I shall do my best not to make this article into a history lesson. By that I mean I don’t want to send anyone to sleep, nor do I want to put anyone off visiting this site, and so I’ll cut to the chase.

In 2007 I handed the Vital QPR reigns over to a die-hard club supporter. In fact and I’ll admit I did a dirty trick and intentionally got him up to speed with how the site worked and then handed him the key (more of a figure of speech) then disappeared. Whoopy-do I hear a cry, what’s this got to do with me, the single reader?

As a favour to an old friend of mine I’ve decided to come out of retirement and in doing so taken on the sites editorial role (again). Perhaps the chap in question who had the editor’s position after my departure has inadvertently done something similar to what I did all those years ago. Funny how the wheel can sometimes turn, eh?

In 10 years I’ve seen the club on the verge of bankruptcy. I’ve witnessed the club yo-yo the divisions and I’ve seen players and officials come and go. Haven’t we all?

Having said all of that (sorry, I did say at the beginning I didn’t want to turn this into a history lesson and guess what?) I feel I’ve arrived into a sea of resignation, fear of another relegation battle and despair and that’s even before the new season has kicked off.


Having looked at the following blogs/forums for the first time in a decade (where have the others gone?) I now find myself wanting to jump off a cliff.

This is not a dig at…

Loft For Words


We Are The Rangers Boys

I’m sure the respective guys and gals who post are honourable people…

(I’m sure there are other QPR sites out there but I’m buggered if I can find any.) The point I’m making is, the air of doom and gloom is rife and to someone who stepped aside and kept well away from unofficial QPR material, well, the air radiates like a radioactive wasteland.

The here and now

I’ve made my position very clear. I will be around bashing out tripe similar to this only on a part-time basis. I will write the odd match preview and jump on my own bandwagon when the times are good, or bad. However, I could do with a little help.

If anyone has the patience, desire or has any interest in QPR FC and you can string a sentence together and you want to write and have published your own work then can I suggest the time has come to raise your hand and contact me at


The site used to generate a few quid and so if the right person comes along and becomes a co-editor I’ll happily spilt the income 50/50, subject to a couple of straight forward conditions. Plus, I promise not to repeat history twice and just disappear.

Any taker(s) or is anyone, (singular term) interested?

I don’t bite and I do have a sense of humour – honest. In addition, age will not be an issue IE 15 years or older would be an advantage. Or if you’re in a similar position as me and retired and you have a few hours a week lying idle then guess what? Yup, this sort of thing could be right up your alley!

Right, I’ve rambled on for far too long. But before I go have you seen this?

The return of the R’s reflects a brief period in QPR’s history from relegation from the Premier League in 1996 to our return in 2011.

Come on you Rs


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