Date: 13th April 2009 at 6:32pm
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As Gianni Paladini raised his arms and pumped the air, exhorting all fans to ‘clap the boys, clap the boys’ at the end of the game today – literally turning towards me and making sure that I, and my fellow supporters were properly acknowledging the players’ efforts – and extraordinary scene unfolded with Flavio Briatore.

Having been booed by a very small section of the crowd – and that rather half-hearteldy – as he entered the Directors’ Box, Flavio Briatore remained behind to join in the standing ovation we gave the players after today’s great performance. He, along with Paladini and Alessandro Agag, stood by the edge of the Directors’ Box and clapped each and every player and then, as Ainsworth headed for the dressing room, he glanced up at the Box and received his own applause, to which he gave a big smile, a nod and a thumbs up.

Briatore then turned to go and, passing where I was standing, he turned round and said: ‘If I now sell the Club you will be in League One!’

Was that because he thought we had been booing him and it was like – see, I do know what I’m doing? Or was it that he WAS going to be selling?!

As it happens, no-one around where I sat was booing – and watching Briatore get very, very excited as we clawed our way back from the jaws of defeat to snatch victory in a most glorious fight-back – for a change this season – I do feel he has really got genuine passion for this Club.

But what an odd comment to make to us?! And particularly after his more gracious behaviour at the Burnley game on Saturday! I am putting this down to the emotion of the last few days – don’t know about you, though!

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15 Replies to “Strange Message From Briatore!”

  • If some people actually showed him the gratitude and respect he deserves he would never need to make a comment like that.

  • It was a bit of odd timing – maybe he was rattled by the minority of idiots. I would rather he spoke to the supporters face to face rather than childish jibes like this.

  • tell you what he don’t describes any respect from any qpr support for what he is doing to the club !!!! i rather be in league one, poor and a manager who knoes his football not with a charmen who thinks he knows more then any manager bout football, hope he *****s off back to his f1 !!!!!

  • Be careful what you wish for, bircham8 – I, for one, do NOT want to go backwards and find ourselves in administration, desperately clinging on to league status – like Luton or Southampton. No thank you!

  • yeah but you dont no what he is doing to this club, its really shocking what he is doing, its really funny bout the statement come out today feels like he is trying to cover up the sacking of the last to managers and what his been saying!!

  • There are those who want the club to do well, irrespective of it’s owners, and there are those who are so blinkered that they would rather see us go bust than accept our current owners.

    Me? we got a result, we actually scored goals, we are better than we were two years ago. While things could be better, I prefer the present situation to the alternative of admin or possible bankruptcy.

  • Sousa was sacked for something he has since admitted to – Dowie and Gregory were the only managers Briatore sacked on the basis of results. We know De Canio left by mutual consent. The statement was a response to reports that he had sacked all the managers that had left the club – which plainly isn’t the case.

  • bircham8

    You really do go for the conspiracy theory stuff. Have fun, life is twisted enough without believing in sky fairies, Govt control or FB telling the world how to run itself.

  • alright we wait and see ! telling you now briatore is going run this club into the ground all this ***** he is doing, only players who play for money will olny come to this club because of money

  • From what I saw today the man is not only passionate about the club, but he won’t throw money at it – helping the club to stand on it’s own two feet and become self-sufficient. Is that bad?

  • Apart from the fact that all players, no matter who they are at pro level, only play for the money, I am getting totally fed up with all the “Haters” that we have associated with the club. Since David Bulstrode died, we had nothing but fools pitch up at Loftus Road claiming to be saviours while lining their own pockets. Now we have an owner who is rebuilding the club from the bottom up and isn’t going to throw money at it like some have done. The result? All these so called “passionate” supporters come out and start slating him. Yeah, OK, FB is not Abramovitch, well, I am fine with that, if I wanted a lego club with players bought for stupid money, I would have a season ticket at Eastlands or Stamford Bridge. I want a proper club, and that is and will be QPR.

  • I was in the same section of fans, and in fact, his outburst was directed at me for some reason. I have to say, it really was strange, as we were all cheering and applauding the team. None of us had booed throughout the game, and sitting over there, we are used to seeing Briotores lemon face week in week out. The guy needs to lighten up and accept the responsibility he has taken on. I am grateful for what he has done, but refuse to treat him like some messiah until we have actually achieved something like having a manager for an entire season. Opening an exclusive italian restaurant, re-designing the executive boxes and installing a throne in the executive boxes does not constitute achieving anything. I was surprised and infuriated by his reaction especially with kids around who all looked bemused and a little scared

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