Date: 6th April 2009 at 3:16pm
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Just as we were all thinking our season was over and nothing of much interest would happen between now and the seasons finale at Preston on the 3rd May, once again the club terminate the contract of one of its employees with immediate effect.

This time however the consequences could be far reaching as the employee in question is none other than Paulo Sousa`s friend, confidante and assistant, Bruno Oliviera.
Oliviera was appointed at the request of Sousa following his arrival back in November last year. He said of his new assistant ‘Bruno has great knowledge of the game and we have both been working towards this moment for a number of years. He is a great student of the game, has some fantastic, unique ideas and will be a valuable addition to the impressive team we have in place.’
Oliviera himself is well thought of in coaching circles, particularly in his native Portugal. Given this and Paulo`s words on his arrival along with the fateful “has had his contract terminated with immediate effect” leads one to the thought that this will not go down well with the Rangers boss.
Given the news that broke regarding Sousa`s lack of input into the departure of Dexter Blackstock it remains to be seen how this latest development will affect Sousa`s future at Loftus Road. Even Neil Warnock expressed the view that he would walk if someone had moved one of his players on without his prior knowledge.
Could it be that the Board have decided that Paulo Sousa must go and are trying to back him into a corner so he resigns on principle rather than get rid of yet another manager?
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5 Replies to “Sousa’s assistant shown the door”

  • Maybe he’s just surplus to requirements? It does seem a bit awkward on the touchline with him and Gaz, and dare they sack Ainsworth?? We’ve been doing some serious cost cutting so maybe this is just another phase.

  • Except – think about this, Boxer – Ainsworth only got a year extension on his playing contract last year & nothing was said about whether his “coaching” role was including as part of that year contract or not. In which case – you keep Oliveira on and let Ainsworth’s contract expire in the summer and dont fork out any ┬ús . . .

  • Dare they let it expire? At the moment anything controversial seems to have Ainsworth’s face plastered all over it – to say it’s alright by me sort of thing.

  • While there is no reason given for this “termination”, speculation is going to get us nowhere. That said, it would certainly do us all a favour if the club came out with clear and concise reason, rather than adding to the uncertainty in fans manids by saying nothing.

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