Date: 12th April 2009 at 2:18pm
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I was listening to Sky Sports News over lunch. They spoke to Paulo Sousa today. Sousa started by thanking Flavio Briatore for giving him his first opportunity in management and followed that by calling for his honest reputation to be maintained despite the allegations made against him recently and the reasons given for his sacking.

He said: “I believe that Mr Briatore, like me, has always had the club’s best interests at heart and I would like to thank him for giving me my first opportunity to manage in England.

He continued with: “I hope that my integrity and honesty are not brought into question as I have always sought to act with both throughout my career.”

It is laudable that Sousa shows no animosity at all in thanking Flavio Briatore for giving him a chance.

It is also noticeable that he does not go into details about his integrity and honesty which I personally hope does not come from legal advice with a law suit pending!

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8 Replies to “Sousa Speaks At Last”

  • My cynical side says that is a legal statment that will secure a pay-off – part of an out of court settlement no doubt!

  • And I was wondering if it was so worded for precisely the reason that the lawyers told him what to say! Whether he was indiscrete, tho, is debatable coz the “mysterious” fan who he supposedly revealed all to has mysteriousy disappeared . . .

  • Shall we say that after winning only 7 out of 26 games, PS was naive at the very least. I see that Boxer’s poll still has the majory backing the club and not PS.

  • Yeah that is interesting QPR4me – I think he has admitted his guilt via this statement – making the sacking justified.

  • Interesting that you see it that way Boxer. But his record did not make for pretty reading, so I think that, despite all our calls for patience and tolerance, the writing was on the wall for PS and, yes, he was probably somewhat naive.

  • Sorry for any possible mis-types, but am p155ed as a f4rt, having been out and about with my beloved of 19+ years standing.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the Springbok later on today and inside the ground.

    Will be at the pub at about 1:30pm.

  • We’ll be there from about 2-ish – we’ll be at the end of the bar, near the tv, which is nearest the main door to South Africa Road! See you later, one n all 😀

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