Date: 4th April 2009 at 6:29pm
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Driving home from Loftus Road this afternoon I think I heard the single most amazing revelation I’ve heard all season – or for a long time, for that matter.

I, like so many other fans who caught Sousa’s post-match interview on Radio London heard him talk about the deal which took Dexter Blackstock to Nottingham Forest last week on loan until the end of this season.

Sousa admitted that he had given the players two days off after the Bristol City game. And when he got back after that mini break, he had a meeting with, or phone call from, (I couldn’t quite make that bit out!) Dexter Blackstock telling him that he was off to Forest.

That was, according to Sousa, the first he knew of this loan deal. Sousa told the radio programme that the deal had been brokered by Gianni Paladini, in Sousa’s absence, and that he, Sousa, didn’t know anything about it, nor did he have anything to do with it.

He also admitted he was somewhat shocked at the decision to let Blackstock go seeing as how Samuel Di Carmine is the only fit striker at the Club right now. Although he did admit that Rowan Vine was now on his way back – and, as we know, Viney managed about 20 minutes this afternoon (to everyone’s great delight – mine and my daughter’s not least!!)

I am absolutely horrified and disgusted with hearing Sousa’s admission. Before the game, I was chatting to Number 8 and another fella in the Platinum Bar, and they both told me there was likely to be an exit this summer, from the various rumours they had both heard – from different sources. And that exit would be one of Sousa or Paladini . . .

Well, in my humble opinion, I think the axe must fall on Paladini’s head. His interference with the playing personnel has gone on far too long and unchecked and, I think has been the main reason we have failed to bring in some of those players we have targetted in the past.

We know Paladini is responsible for the appalling contract given to Gary Borrowdale, to name but one farcical deal he’s brokered. And we also know that it was his behaviour which almost lost us Heidar Helguson back in November/December ’08.

When is Flavio Briatore, and the rest of the Board, going to see that, whilst Gianni Paladini is free to make such appalling and controversial decisions which (a) go over the manager’s head and (b) are made without the manager’s knowledge – no manager worth their salts is going to want to work at Loftus Road.

If Sousa isn’t pushed, I’m sure after this, he’ll want to walk – and we will be the poorer for his loss. Whether today’s game was pretty or not is not the issue here – it’s the disgraceful interference from this jumped up ‘Sporting Director’ that needs to be addressed by the Board – and quickly, imo, or we could lose not just more potential good signings in the summer but a good manager-in-the-making in Paulo Sousa.

I say – Paladini out! But what do you say?

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17 Replies to “Sousa – I Didn’t Know Blackstock Was To Go!”

  • Sandydl

    I am not sure about this article. I must admit that if I had my way Blackstock wouldn’t be at Forest on loan, he’d be signing on as he makes Paul Furlong look good.

    As for Paladini’s “almost costing us the chance to get HH”, I wish he had screwwed it up big time. The first rule that a striker needs to know is the offside law. My wife, who hates football, has a better understanding of it than that clown!!

    It’s not often that I disagree with you, but on this one I have to, as without GP, even though he never had enough money to truly save us, he somehow managed to stop us from becoming AFCQPR and starting out again at Wormwood Scrubs.

  • Paladini has done some fantastic things for Rangers but if he is responsible for Borrowdale, he has a lot to answer to. I sense friction between Sousa and Paladini as their roles tend to overlap when it comes to players – such is the redundant role of sporting director.

  • I understand wot you’re saying, QPR4Me – but my point is more that Paladini seems to be stepping on Sousa’s toes. It should be Sousa’s decision when he lets Blackstock go – which I’m sure he would have as he has hardly played him this (calendar) year. Blackstock’s not the best for us, that’s for sure – but surely it’s up to the manager to decide who goes, stays & joins the Club – not the so-called “Sporting Director”. Paladini is getting in the way of the manager’s role – and that’s wot’s upset me. Not the fact that Blackstock’s gone – that I agree with!!

  • Sandydl

    Understand what you are saying. Maybe, and that’s with a big ?, Fb might be able to sort this out over the summer. PS has got to be allowed to build his team without interference rather than be messed about with and be judged on LDC’s and Dowie’s leftovers.

  • That’s wot I feel, QPR4Me, which is why I came home &, before even saying hello to the hubby, I ran off this article. It’s kind of a “support for Sousa” in what seems to be yet another battle between our manager and our Sporting Director – one that Dowie seemed to have and lose earlier this season! I just hope that Sousa’s position is stronger than Dowie’s coz Briatore personally picked Sousa whereas Flav never, ever wanted Dowie!! Looks like we’re back agreeing with each other again 😉

  • I think we’ll see Flavio take a hands-on role when the F1 season finishes – the days will then be numbered for GP

  • As always. Now settling down to laugh at the barcodes, although I don’t enjoy seeing CFC win, seeing NUFC lose always seems to make me happeir, it was just a pity that LFC scored late at the cottage to stop me having a relatively good day.

  • Ah, now we’re back disagreeing, QPR4Me – coz I was delighted that LFC scored late on coz seeing Foolham lose always makes me happy (only thing that would’ve made things perfect is if CFC had lost – coz that’s always the best – as I tried to explain to my 10-year old nephew today – but he couldn’t understand that coz he could only see that CFC are in the Prem and we’re not!!)

  • Sorry Sandydl, have no problem with LFC the club, but cannot stand it’s fans. there are a number of reasons, but they are probably too controversial to publish here, but you could most likely guess two of them.

  • I understand that sentiment, QPR4Me – even my ol’ man (who’s a Gooner) says he’d prefer Man Utd to win the title this season coz he couldnt’ bear the arrogant posturing of the LFC fans (that’s the polite version!!)

  • Sandydl

    Before I go to bed, I will say this. HHAa. Three are named after places and the small ‘a’ is named after attitude.

  • Sorry,

    Heysel, Hillsborough, Athens.

    Please accept my apologies if I have offended anyone, but the longer they go with no acknowledgement for the behaviour of fans in these three “cases, the more I can’t stand the stench of hypocrisy that comes from the place.

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