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Villa fans were divided in their opinions on the diminutive winger, as highlighted on

Murph said: “Wayne Routledge, you may remember him from the worst shot of the season against QPR.” He explained: “I remember sitting in the Holte End Lower at the start of this season watching Wayne Routledge wibble wobble and stepover his way down the wing against a certain Queens Park Rangers. As he got into the position to conjour up the perfect cross he twatted it about 6 wide of the NEAR post…and about 20 yards over, putting those in the Holte Upper at risk.”

Murph clearly was not a Routledge fan is pleased he has been sold on: “Routledge played less games for Villa than Bosko Balaban. A stupid signing, a useless player, and we couldn’t even make a profit out of the whole nonsense.”

Coeur_de_lion and others talked bout Routledge`s lack of chances in the Villa first team: “I keep hearing the phrase ‘never got a chance’. But if a player doesnt outperform his rivals for the same position during training, then first team football will always be out of reach.”

AstonBurrito said: “He was told he’d come here and have to prove a point to make it into the team. He’s obviously not done that, and he moves on. I for one am disapointed, I thought he’d make an impact but sadly hasn’t.”

And KRS186 added: “He wasn’t even a squad player at Villa, he was nothing more than a docile body there to play if all our other wingers came down with the bubonic plague. Seldom made the bench, even more seldom got on the pitch. He’s a waste of a talent considering how promising he looked at Palace. Shame really, but it’s most likely that the damage to his career is beyond repair for this level.”

But other fans were not sure that Routledge didn`t really get a proper opportunity to show why Martin O`Neill had splashed out over £1,000,000 on the winger in the first place.

SYL_Villa noted: “I think a combination of a lack of determination and not being given a chance by MON is the reason behind Wayne`s short and unsuccessful period at Villa Park.” While Avfc48 added: “What a huge disappointment and such a pity Robertson couldn’t turn him into the valuable acquisition so many predicted he would be. Having seen him a couple of times for Cardiff, he looked to have found his level and should do very well if he continues in the same vein.”

Romanianvillain commented: “I wish him the best of luck, he never did anything at Villa to turn us against him at all.”

Saurat noted: “Bizarre that someone like Salifou is still at the club yet Routledge is apparently out.” And Gruck felt that: “Wayne was a good backup…he has got pace to burn, but his crossing failed him.”

Shortshadyuk noted: “Routledge is a good player, I hope he gets a move to QPR and plays often as I think he`s like Lennon, can run with the ball at pace, has some quick feet and tricks he just lacked match practice, he’d better than Milner and unless we’re planning to buy a quality winger he’s more than good enough to replace Milner or Young in their absence and do a decent job of it.”

Villa_de: “I liked Routledge, but he needs to play and just had too much competition. A couple of seasons ago he would have been a first team regular.”

Avfc48 remarked: “I thought Routledge the best of the bozo’s, he had plenty of skill and speed, his final ball always let him down, something he managed to change a little in his short time at Cardiff. I wish Milner had an eighth of his dribbling talent allied to his work rate.”

And Saurat added: “Bit of a strange episode this, Routledge wasn’t really given much of an opportunity, and the few games he did play he was no worse than a number of others and better than some. At only 23 I would have thought MON would want to keep him around a while longer. Particularly with our paper thin squad.”

So, the jury, at least so far as Aston Villa fans are concerned, is still out on Wayne Routledge. In fairness, though, they barely got to see him and, if the incredible disappointment amongst Cardiff City fans in failing to tie Routledge to a permanent contract, is anything to by then QPR fans should find themselves cheering the little winger`s name loud and often in praise!

The final word on the subject, however, should go to The Real Neil who noted: “Well, he’s joined QPR. As has been said above (I think), he was only signed on an 18-month deal so it’s £300,000 more than he would have been in the summer. Keep an eye on QPR, though, as they’ll be fighting for league places with Villa before long.” Clearly an astute fan!!

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  • I hope so – we’ve had enuf duff players over the years but now should start getting the right and the better quality players we need. But that does read “should”!!

  • oh how dare you so cruelly not quote me amongst that rabble!!! I think he’ll be a good buy for you chaps, really hope he gets his career back on track, also wished it had been at Villa but hey ho, it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

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