Date: 3rd April 2009 at 6:21pm
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Mrs Yuko Yamazaki, who has known Flavio Briatore for over twenty years, has accepted his offer to become Rangers` “Global Ambassador”. In other words, according to the official announcement on she is to represent QPR in the Far East, to develop QPR`s brand and commercial relationships within Japan and South Korea.

The appointment also brings a multi-million pound investment into the Club and is for a three-year period. She will be “building the brand in the Far East and maximising the opportunities that I believe are available,” which will include trying to find new sponsors to join Santander, Gulf Air, Lotto Sport Italia and Chronotech.

While Briatore is excited about this development, claiming that: “This is a first for QPR and shows the appetite the Club has, not only domestically, but globally too,” there have been very mixed reactions from QPR fans.

Our very own Toboboly was quick off the mark, noting: “The mighty have listened and have now spoken with the joyous news that we have a ‘global’ ambassador who will do what it took United and Liverpool Champions League, World Club Cup, Premiership, FA Cup and League Cup victories to attain. We will soon see every Asian football fan garbed in a QPR kit.”

And Lenny`s comment: “You just have to get the AMBASSADOR into place first, then spread the word and only then BUILD A TEAM. Otherwise, when you mention QPR to these foreigners they say ‘who, what??’

On other message-boards the feelings have been split for and against this appointment. One Rangers fan claimed that: “it seems to indicate that the directors are not actually funding anything at the club. Any improvements in the team and the ground will be funded by yet more corporate sponsors. I can’t help thinking that the club might be better engaged in trying to increase support a little more locally and raise its profile among the people that matter, the paying punters.”

Another interested party offered: “Agree with others that this is to be applauded not denigrated. This is exactly what Flavio is a position to do for the club and this is definitely the plus side of having him in charge. My main concern is that if we turn in another disappointing season next term then sponsors will begin to doubt.”

And, QPR4Me, another Vital member (although we don`t see him too often!!) commented elsewhere that: “While people can criticise the board, such is their want, those that do should remember that the disaster area that is Southampton FC will not be the only one this coming summer.” Amen to that sentiment, QPR4Me – I, for one, would prefer to see us with a future and a “Global Ambassador” than doing a “Saints”!

These are just a few of Rangers fans feelings – but what are yours?

We want to know YOUR thoughts!

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2 Replies to “QPR’s new Global Ambassador – Rs Fans Speak!”

  • Sandydl,

    You’ve never seen me! (Too old, too fat and too ugly, but will be somewhere near the Springbok waering an old black away Cargiant shirt with QPR4Me on the back of it tomorrow).

    Thanks for the reference. Sadly, I do genuinely fear for the future of many clubs in the current climate. Someone suggested on the BBC site that if clubs went under, they would be replaced. The thing is that QPR TNA didn’t seem to realise how serious the wreckage of the GB economy is, I honestly fear carnage in the lower leagues. Theo sort that will see this country come more into line with our continental cousins whose league are part-time outside of the top two divisions.

    I, at least, will always be thankfull that FB and his circus pitched up at the loft, even if once in a while I may criticise some of his ideas and poor communication with the fans.

  • QPR4Me – firstly, I meant we dont see you much on this board 😉 But you are right and I am glad you are not offended I “borrowed” your thoughts – which I agree with, as I point ed out! QPR TNA does seem a little idealistic but so does our own Toboboly – go onto the Forum here and see his full comment on this appointment! I am not sure if I’ll be in the SB tomorrow but if I am, I’ll certainly come say “hi”! But otherwise, I do hope you join the Vital group, myself included, who are going to bombard the Springbok at the Plymouth game – and kinda “end of season” knees-up!!

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