Date: 1st February 2006 at 4:14pm
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The second half, Holloway talks about Ian Evatt’s future and Leicester boss Rob Kelly on his first win in charge.


Evatt?s not injured no, I don?t think so at the minute he may get a game on Saturday. I gave him the biggest hardest volley up the backside that anyone can ever have by putting him on the transfer list hoping for him to snap him out of what ever has been going on between his ears since he?s been here. Because the kid has been phoned up and told over an over again that I never wanted him in the first place, whoever told him come on son you do this you do this other people have been telling him that I never wanted him. That?s between me and the lad. He knows but all I?ve done is handing him his worst fear you aint do very well son, sort your life out. An I have to say his response so far hasn?t been bad at all. If I bring these other players in and they look a little bit better than him or fresher than him then he might play alongside them because that back line tonight wasn?t very good. If not an that carries on for a couple of weeks I might loan him out because there?s been enough teams in the league below this who wanted to take him. But basically he?s been told he?s got another chance for us and we were attempting to sell him. That hasn?t happened and he?s got a clean slate and we?ll have a look at it. An if I was him and saw that tonight I?d be quite encouraged, wouldn?t you? (Sarcastic laugh). I would.


Yeah I?m really pleased; I?m pleased for the players in particular and the supporters. It?s been a difficult time for us and the manner of it as well. They spoke in the last couple of days, we didn?t really have a lot of time to prepare, and we didn?t really have a lot of time before the Southampton game- things happened so quickly. But we?ve had a lot more time do prepare for this and the longer it went on we spent getting organised, making ourselves difficult to play against and to get some self belief because they?re not bad players.

I no where I am on the scheme of things, before I walked in this room I thought people wouldn?t know who I am and that?s fair enough so all I can do is get home, take the 2 kids to school in the morning and getting back on the training pitch and getting them prepared for the Wolves game on Saturday and that?s genuinely how I am. I?ll affect what I can effect which is training tomorrow.

I have ambitions to be as good as I am at that present time in whatever I?m doing. At the moment all I think about is to be honest just doing this caretaker job do the best of my abilities I?ve never been wildly ambitious; I?ve always tried to take one step at a time-see what happens from there.

I think the change, too much happened last week so if u like all myself and Mike Stowell have tried to do is continue with the organisation that we?d had but they?d lost a bit of self belief and if you like we?ve drawn that home to them. Everything we?ve done we?ve drummed that home if you like, we?ve made them make there own decisions because as the pressure builds up they were going into there shell a bit to be honest. But what we?ve done is we?ve set a few things up, nothing wonderful, nothing Craig hadn?t done before but probably if you like its just a different voice, probably slightly lighter and we?ve said to them ?look take responsibility your good players start believing in yourselves what?s the last thing that can happen? and I think they showed that tonight.

I?m pleased for them, its always nice to get a win but its especially nice for us, but what I will say is particularly after the way we got beat on Saturday was such a disappointment for them because we set out on Saturday with little or no time to prepare Sat and what we said is ?look if nothing else lets happens lets get a clean sheet, lets start with that, lets get that and build from there?. that?s exactly how it went and then we conceded right at the death and then you think oh its going to knock them again but it didn?t?, obviously they?ve gone away and licked there wounds, got them on the training pitch, got them going again and like you say I think the manner of it was really pleasing, for them and the supporters because they?ve never? there an honest set of players who give you what they?ve got.

A little bit like here we go again but I have got a belief in them, Craig?s brought some good players here, some of them it?s taken a while to adapt and we?ve got some good young players you know I think you seen tonight. We could obviously do with an experienced head or two, that?s something I think u know we?ll need to look at but we got good players here and even then your thinking ah don?t give up and myself and Michael said coming here ?were going to be brave? we weren?t going to sit back and at 1-1 you can let it peter out but we said no, we?ll send the young lad on up front. He?ll make an effect, so were geniuses really.

At the moment I?m just so pleased for them and that?s how I genuinely feel I?m just so pleased for them, I?ll probably just get it on the bus going home and think isn?t it great but at the moment, you?ve seen the supporters getting behind us, yeah they?ve been great so I?ll be selfish and think about myself when I?m tucking into my lasagne and champagne.

When they asked me to do it in the interim I said do what ever you got to do but pay me the courtesy when you going to appoint a manager would you be kind enough to let me know. I think that?s a sensible way to go. Otherwise I?m going to be picking up the papers, watching sky and listening to the radio, watching BBC and sitting thinking oh god whose going where, and why would I want to worry over something I can?t effect? The only thing I can affect is tonight so that?s what I?ll concentrate on. It?s not easy to do by the way but I?ve managed to do it so far.

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