Date: 27th March 2009 at 8:10am
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Rangers fans have had their say following the announcement of Dexter Blackstock`s departure to Nottingham Forest.

Dexter Blackstock joined Nottingham Forest on loan yesterday (Thursday) for the rest of the season, and with his contract not yet signed looked set for a swift departure from W12.

Here are the opinions from the Vital QPR forum and the Facebook Army.

Superhoop50: “Amazing if you think about it, Dex is still only 22 and his 117 appearances have been under Waddock, Gregory, Harford, De Canio, Dowie, Ainsworth and Sousa. Add to that his previous managers at Saints and his loan spells elsewhere, I suspect he’s unsettled!

“Personally, I wish the lad all the best and hope he settles down. My guess is if he doesn’t bang the goals in Forest in the short space of time he’s there, they’re unlikely to splash cash on him and he could well come back to QPR, and for all we know, yet another manager!”

Ranger1975: “I find letting Dex go out on loan to forest a very strange decision

“Don`t get me wrong I don`t rate Blackstock as for me he`s always frustrates me with his body language he`s very lazy…but back to my point i cant understand why we`ve let him go

“Blackstock has scored 12 goals this season and if you`ve noticed he doesn`t play half as well when a certain Lee Cook is out. Cookie and Blackstock together were a massive weapon for us now we`ve let him go i cant understand why we`ve done this…at this point in time”

Edward Matthews: “Not happy about it what so ever !

“Dexter Blackstock was the only player I’ve seen who seemed to enjoy playing as a lone striker and he was scoring as well, I can see him leaving on a free transfer at the end of the Season !”

Ian Price: “Can nobody else see it is so wrong. Vine is there but who else are u gonna blame after 10 games of next season??

“Can`t see him being a Ferdinand, but he kept us there with goals when we were poor up front?could have bin a legend in different times. DONT LET HIM GO”

Geoff Tuitt: “Can’t believe this. We ain`t exactly overloaded up front!

“Most of us feel the season is over, well this confirms it.”

Michael Zielinski: “Not the best time of the season to do this!”

Ben Warren: “Should be re named Dexter SLACKstock coz he is the laziest player at the club, puts in a poor shift every game and apart from scoring the odd header or tap in he doesn’t offer much else.

“His attitude is there for all to see along with his body language, doesn’t do enough to give defenders a hard time and never seems interested in wanting the ball unless he’s 10 yards from goal.

“Thanks for the service Dex and don’t get me wrong he’s scored some important goals but time to take the supposed 2 million and run with it”

Marc McDonald: “Blackstock will not be missed. Although he is our top scorer his all round game isn`t good enough.

“I feel if we get 2mil out of him we will be laughing all the way to the bank. (this is with the view of buying a top striker in the summer). Vine, Taarabt and maybe even Di Carmine are all better. Great piece of business in my opinion.”

Gary Ling: “We would of had a lot more points if he could of hit the target from 6 yards, Doncaster away he was shocking! We have to do what`s best for the club!”

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2 Replies to “Opinions Divided On Dexter Departure”

  • Not just interesting viewpoints – but relevant. Not one is actually saying we will miss his goal-scoring prowess. Just that, with so few other goal-scorers at the Club at the minute, how can we let him go NOW!

    I have to say that I dont think we will miss him – he’s hardly been prolific since he scored his 12th for us some weeks ago! I also remember what a poor season he had last season – and everyone trotted out the excuse that his best mate, Ray Jones, had tragically passed away messing with Dex’s head. So what was this season’s excuse then?

    We’ll hopefully use the money wisely in the summer and not look back next year – but look out for Taarabt up front, as SH50 thinks! And an early return for Vine next week – now he’s come thru 90 mins ok.

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