Date: 25th November 2019 at 6:30pm
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I hate to say I told you so but, I kind told you so.

I said before the game, that Mark Warburton needed to go with Matt Smith in midfield, purely because in a game like that, against a Fulham team who are so good and comfortable with possession of the ball, that the best thing QPR could do was try to play them at their own game, and keep the ball off them.

Low and behold, how did the winner come about on Friday night? We gave the ball away cheaply, and that allowed Fulham to turn around and score.

You could tell on Friday night that a change was coming, but Warburton failed to react to it. In the early stages, even the Fulham Twitter account noted just how much pressure the home side were under in the early stages, but when the tide began to turn in the second half in their favour, Warburton failed to do anything about it and just let the pressure come onto us.

Whilst it wouldn’t be right to call Warburton an ‘inexperienced’ manager, given that he has managed over 200 games in his career so far, but it’s something like that which makes me wonder if he’s still got some way to go before we can consider him good enough to get the club in a position to challenge for promotion.

And whilst it’s not a completely fair comparison to make given the talent at his disposal, but if Scott Parker can make the changes when under pressure despite being vastly less experienced than Warburton, it should have been something that the Rangers boss should have been able to do as well.

As I spoke about last week, Warburton has found himself in a position where he has already exceeded some expectations with this QPR squad, but that doesn’t mean he should be given a completely free pass when it comes to this season.

Is Mark Warburton the right man to take QPR into the top flight?





If the club are serious about getting the team into the Premier League as soon as possible, then they need to make sure that they have the head coach to do it, and unless he can consistently make the right decisions, even if they don’t always come off, then you have to question if Warburton is really at the right club.