Date: 7th April 2009 at 10:54am
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With Rangers recently appointing a Global Ambassador here are some articles showing how yesterday`s departure of Paulo Sousa`s right assistant, Bruno Oliveira is being viewed in their native Portuguese media

The story first broke in the Portuguese press yesterday evening courtesy of “A BOLA ONLINE”

Paulo Sousa loses his right hand man at QPR

Queens Park Rangers, English club whose are led by Paulo Sousa, announced this Monday, termination of the contract of the assistant Bruno Oliveira.

Oliveira joined QPR in November last year, chosen by Paulo Sousa, and they end their link with the club after five months. The exit of the Portuguese is seen in England as pressure on Paulo Sousa to resign.

The “Sousa being pushed out” theme continues this morning in DN Desporto

Paulo Sousa ‘pushed’ by directors of QPR

Queens Park Rangers, the Championship (second grade in England), yesterday announced the dismissal of assistant coach Bruno Oliveira. The act is seen as an attempt to ‘force’ the main coach, Paulo Sousa, to leave the club.

Oliveira was in London since November, arriving on the recommendation of Paul Sousa. Yesterday he was released with immediate effect. Already last week, the Londoners had loaned out the forward Dexter Blackstock (a personal challenge to Paulo Sousa) without informing the Portuguese coach. Such attitudes are seen by the English press as an attempt to pressure the coach to leave the club. QPR is the 10th in the championship, already seven points off the play-offs, the goal for the season

The theme continues in Futebolartte

Will it be Paulo Sousa next?

It seems that Paulo Sousa is being pressed to leave Queens Park Rangers. This view is taken from the departure of Bruno Oliveira as a form of pressure for the “boss” to abdicate his post. Really? This is undoubtedly a great ‘loss’ for the Portuguese coach. It is recalled that Paulo Sousa said following his deputy Bruno Oliveira.
Bruno has great knowledge of the game and we have both been working towards this moment for a number of years. He is a great student of the game, has some fantastic, unique ideas and will be a valuable addition to the impressive team we have in place”

These are the first three views from the Portuguese media and undoubtedly many more will pick up on this story as it unfolds. At the moment they are all taking the view that there is an intent to try and force our managers hand into resigning.

Not quite the impact in the foreign media that the club and Mrs Yamazaki were hoping for.

Stay with us on Vital QPR for more updates as and when they are reported in the Portuguese media.

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5 Replies to “Oliveira – The Portuguese Media Reaction”

  • Very interesting Lenny – the pushed theme seems to be banded about quite a lot now. Are they backing Sousa into a corner so he resigns?

  • This is the feeling I’ve had – that they don’t want to, or can’t, get rid of Sousa themselves so they’re trying to make it impossible for him to continue working there. Isn’t that called “constructive dismissal”?!?!?

  • I believe so, but you can be sure we’ve got a high priced team of lawyers that will dispel that! I notice that it hasn’t been 24 hours and they’ve already removed it from the front page…

  • Yes that would be bloody annoying wouldn’t it – about as useful as Gary Borrowdale’s shin pads – Akos Buzsaky’s shin pads however – superb..

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