Date: 7th April 2008 at 8:42pm
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If you are one of the many registered Vital Queens Park Rangers users and you’ve forgotten your login password, username or both, read on.

In a world which dictates one has to have several passwords just to get through an average day it’s far too easy to forget the odd one or two. If that is the case, I know just the person who may be able to help.


Once logged onto the site you can add front page comments, post or reply to a message on the forums, send users a personal message (PM), build your own picture library, suggest poll questions, write your own front page article…the list goes on.

If you want to know more please feel free to contact me by clicking my name (Hoops) on the top right hand side of the front page or by e-mail

The future is bright; the future is Vital Queens Park Rangers