Date: 29th November 2019 at 7:00am
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I raised the question after the game on Friday.

And after the display on Wednesday night, I feel like it’s necessary to bring up the question again. In my piece, I noted that although Mark Warburton is an experienced manager, with over 200 games under his belt in various dugouts, he might not be the man that can take this club forward.

This isn’t purely based off his start to his time at Loftus Road, if you look at his overall record in the Championship, so going back to his days at Nottingham Forest and Brentford, it doesn’t make for very good reading, as he currently has more losses than he does wins. And other than that one good year with Brentford where they reached the playoffs, he hasn’t done a lot since.

This isn’t to say there isn’t potential for him to be a good manager, but if QPR are serious about getting into the top flight sooner rather than later, then you have to wonder if he’s really the right man for the job.

Everyone has their limits, just like how Sam Allardyce was always called upon to get teams out of a relegation scrap towards the end of his career, but never anything else, at this point of Warburton’s career I don’t see him as a manager to take a team up.

If you’re the kind of person that thinks he should be given more time to adjust to the squad, and be given time to ‘get his squad in place’, then all credit to you. Or if you don’t think that this squad is in a position to challenge, same thing.

However, I don’t think that he is the man to take QPR up based off his track record in this division, so if things do not improve, and the club really wants to get into the Premier League sooner rather than later, then they really should consider a change at the helm, and they shouldn’t wait for it to happen either.

Is Mark Warburton the right man to take QPR into the top flight?





The sooner the club can bring in someone that has the capabilities to take the club up, the better.


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  • Are you mad? Take us up! Who and how do you expect anyone to take us up anytime soon. When we played Fulham the other night we played a squad that cost around 150 Million …ours cost barely 1 Million. But hey let’s do what QPR do and change the manager once a season that will make all the difference..we had our chances in the Premiership and the owners messed up big time allowing Mark Hughes and Harry Redknapp to bring in loads of has been s and prima donnas on crazy wages and long contracts and we will take years to recover from that. Realistically the aim should surely be to stay out of League 1 I think.

  • I agree with much of what you said Ewan, changing the manager will achieve little. It’s continuity is what the
    club needs. I certainly think we need to adjust our playing style as we are conceding far too many goals,
    so we need a plan B. Bringing new players in of the right quality and quickly is not easy as the club doesn’t
    have the money, so we are reliant in many ways on freebies, loans, and finding young talent and at the same
    time trying to hang on to as many of our best players as we can.

    Expectations have risen as we had a good start to the season but realistically we are mid to upper mid table
    side, but we need to arrest the alarming slide the side has gone through the last few weeks. Basically, the
    club needs to continue to evolve and it may take two or three more years of careful management before
    we can compete to get back to the premier league.

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