Date: 10th April 2009 at 12:04pm
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QPR fans have had their say following the departure of Portuguese legend Paulo Sousa.

The Vital QPR Forum and the Facebook Army have been predominantly critical of the Rangers board and in particular Flavio Briatore and Gianni Paladini following the departure of Paulo Sousa.

Clonmany_Hoop: “Sounds quite foolish of him if he has done that. With results going against him the last thing he should have done was give them the perfect excuse to sack him.

“But, here’s a thought, what if he wanted the sack and has actually got what he wanted?

“He must have known that the Dex revelation was dangerous. Why not just toe the party line and keep his head down.

“I just don’t understand his motives for becoming a ‘whistleblower’. Or was he simply being naive?”

Superhoop50: “Ever since he mentioned Blackstock, I think he’s been on borrowed time. Really wasn’t a very smart thing to do, but I can’t believe it was only that.

“Whatever he’s allegedly said, I bet he’s regretting it now. Quite simply, you can’t go revealing inside information of a sensitive nature, behind your employers backs, to the outside world.”

toboboly: “It will be interesting to see the crowd for Monday, Plymouth and then for next year.”

Daxvondrac: “I’ll take Darren Ferguson right now. If for no other reason than to see Briatore explain to his dad why he’s sacking him after 6 wins from 7 games!”

Spanish_Hoop: “To me, the reason they give is an excuse for the bad results they think Sousa has achieved.

“But it`s not the manager who must be changed , it`s the pitch the one that needs a change.

“Four managers in one season is not an ideal scenario for achieving anything in this division. You need consistency and time.”

Sousa Sacking – Right: 58% – Wrong: 42%

Jockney_ok: “What a joke we are becoming and that`s the truth… when we were skint we had pride now look at us…

“Ok as far as I can see, and that`s not far, we need to let a Manager manage, give him the control. Which other club in the football league has this problem? Money rules, talk about being cautious.”

RTID2048: “It strikes me that anyone taking the QPR job will have to be a good chess player! Patience, subtle moves and the ability to make a killer move when it appears.

“I think PS played into ‘their’ hands by giving out some low key information that was largely irrelevant to anyone except those itching for an opportunity to remove him. I was interested to read GP refer to ‘they’ in a statement almost implying he was not at ease with this decision??”

number8buser: “This was orchestrated by the board to avoid paying compensation as technically if these allegations are true Sousa will be in breach of contract.

“Personally i hope Sousa takes them to court and sues their ars* off as this appears to be very underhand indeed.

“Not a shock though with those muppets who are running our club.”

SuperhoopMango: “Could we be anymore of a joke? The perma-tanned one is obviously hoping that Gazza will let him run things with an iron fist. Sick to death of this season and the sooner it is over, the better”

Gary Ling: “Look chaps it doesn`t matter what we think the board yet again have made that clear!!

“Get up to Burnley and show our boys we’re behind them even if that tit Briatore ain`t! ‘cos at the end of the day, ‘WE R THE RANGERS BOYZ`, so lets do what we do best! ‘MAKE SOME NOISE`”

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3 Replies to “Fans Fury Over Sousa Departure”

  • The more I have thought about it the more my position has hardened towards Sousa. Much as I liked what he was tryiong to do, albeit with a squad that wasn’t good enough and an awful, at the end of the day he won 7 out of 26 matches and is close to leaving us with a record low number of goals scored in a 46 game season (though our defence is better).

    While his indiscretions may not have been the most important of things, they did, probably due to his naivety, undermine to board and the club to such an extent that trust between the directors and him was seriously eroded and, as in the case of any other business, when that happened the inevitable occured.

    As someone else said on this site last night “The king is dead, long live the king”.

  • I think as a new manager he was keeping some good clean sheets and has he puts it building the foundations – suffice to say we didn’t see the best.

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