Date: 28th January 2013 at 12:58pm
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HERE we pick the bones of a poor weekend display, by those Harry Redknapp indicated were hammering down his door for a start.


There can be no question that this is one frustrated goalkeeper. A face of thunder on the bench, even when QPR manage to score, and being kept out the side by a better goalkeeper in Julio Cesar.

To an extent I feel for Green despite his error-prone nature, he was evidently told he was the number one, but who can turn down the opportunity to sign someone in the guise of Julio Cesar?

At the weekend he made a couple of decent saves, but could have done better for the opening goal. If the ball drops in at the near post questions must be asked as to where the ‘keeper is guarding.


It is often said of loanees that they don’t commit enough, have no real affinity with the club and supporters and when the going gets tough, they go hiding.

I am pleased to report that this was not evident in Fabio’s first FA Cup game of the season. He was bright, passionate, if not altogether convincing at times, but the basic elements were there.

I personally think that this young man is a credit to the current loan system. Coming to QPR a little raw and rough around the edges and improving – certainly in terms of positional sense – throughout his time.


I can’t help but feel he’d have been better off alongside Clint Hill or Ryan Nelsen, because lining up alongside Anton Ferdinand – who I will get onto in a second – did him absolutely no favours.

I thought at times he was convincing, decisive and strong, at other times he looked at odds to deal with pace and was being pulled out of position – once again I would be intregued as to whether this follows him into another match alongside a better defender.

I think Tal will prove to be a useful squad player, and certainly improves the level of quality in defence. With more games and fitness he will prove a useful asset for the remainder of the season.


I can well bet Anton was one of the team on display that had been calling for Redknapp to play him more. This performance is evidence enough that Rangers need more defenders in a bid to let Anton leave.

He looked slow, lethargic, indecisive and lacked concentration – the latter attribute has been alarmingly evident throughout his time in W12 and certainly cost Rangers against WBA earlier this season.

While I don’t subscribe to booing the defender – I think a move would benefit all parties as it was clear that on the weekend’s evidence he has little to offer going forward – say though it may be.


Not his finest hour as a defender, but certainly looked a useful threat going forward. I think Armand would feature more often if there wasn’t the threat of lingering injuries threatening his progress.

He tore MK Dons apart at times with scything runs, but his deliveries lacked that precision to pick out two strikers in Jay Bothroyd and DJ Campbell on the day.

He always stays to clap the supporters which is a credit while others skulked off the field. As mentioned, not vintage, but by no means the worst player on the field.


Mackie did not have the most convincing game against his old employers – if you’d refer to them as that. Nevertheless effort in abundance makes him the firm fans’ favourite he deserves to be.

At times he was aghast when chasing around like a lunatic only not to see his team-mates doing the same – rightfully annoyed, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd either.

If the club even comtemplates selling this prized asset then Saturday will be a picnic compared with the reception many will receive if Mackie was allowed to depart.


There is a good player in there somewhere, but it clearly is not working and something isn’t happening with the Spaniard in regard to adapting to the English game.

His quality and distribution is good, but he needs that extra second that simply will not be afforded. No question there were people lobbying Redknapp to field Granero but it is not working.

He was counter-productive in the sense that he found the ball deep, didn’t release quickly enough and was caught in possession – putting the defence on red-alert for the impending counter-attack.


By contrast Faurlín adapted incredibly quickly to the English game and has certainly bulked out since his first season in W12 – but yesterday again was not his finest hour.

His passing was wayward at times, and I think he suffered with the extra resposibility of having to pick up the pieces left by a beleaguered Granero.

We know Ale has the potential to once again come good in the top flight, we’ve seen him perform extremely well in this league before – it’s just a question of finding that performance for Harry right now.


An unmitigated disaster – Everything he touches crumbles around him. One noticeable problem is his inability to take a situation by the scruff of the neck and take responsibility.

At Mancehster United he was seen as a bit part player, get hold of the ball and give it to someone better. At QPR he has to take on that responsibility, and he has failed dramatically in that respect.

The reasons for bringing him in can be put on the back of a postage stamp, but his contribution has been negligible and at times counter-prodcutive, giving the ball away in good areas and stifling attacks.

Park needs to rapidly work out also that there is a stark difference between running around and fighting hard – he may have three lungs, but he has no heart.


DJ has had a chance to get back into the fray and fight for a first team place, and he didn’t do anything wrong. Reason being is that he didn’t do anything at all to my knowledge.

He was largely anonymous for vast periods of this game against a team and a defence he tourmented wilfully at Championship level, let alone League One.

DJ has had two chances in the first team under Harry, and with bids reportedly coming in for him, I can’t see that either performance has turned Harry’s head in convincing him that DJ should stay.


Jay for me, along with Fabio and Mackie, emerges with some credit from the game. His effort was there, his touch a lot sharper and another goal to round off his performance – two in two starts.

If it was DJ v Jay for the last remaining place, Jay would have it for me. Created himself opportunities, albeit not taking all of them, and linking up well with Zamora up front.

While the loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday was not of benefit to him, the motivation of getting back into the squad and earning a place under Harry certainly spurred him on in this display.


My overall look at this one centres around a genuine lack of shape and fight throughout the team. Some were going through the motions and doing themselves little favours in terms of squad selection at the end of the month.

Of the above, Granero is one of the biggest disappointments. Such a talent is going to waste because he simply cannot adapt and loses his heart and stops fighting for the cause.

We had on Saturday a similar situation to the start of the season. Fighting in some areas and not all. Quality in some areas, but not all. Play as a team, succeed as a team – a good mantra for recent first team displays, but this was powderpuff, feeble and not a performance that sits well against the backdrop of the others in 2013.

If some of those players were ‘knocking on the door’ so to speak, I hope the door was slammed back in their face with some vigour on Saturday evening. It highlighted more worryingly a lack of strength in depth and something Harry now needs to address in the coming days.


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  • Excellent summation – I don’t find myself disagreeing with your asessments of the individuals and the whole team. Saturday was an unmitigated disaster – we have been left in this dreadful mess from previous managers buying the wrong players and paying them over-the-odds and giving them far-too-long contracts. I don’t envy Harry Redknapp having to sort out this mess AND try to keep us up this season!

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