Date: 24th March 2009 at 7:45am
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QPR Co-owner Flavio Briatore believes that salaries should be capped for the long-term viability of the sport – but is that his soliary reason?

Following his take-over of Queens Park Rangers in November 2007 Flavio Briatore has brought some new found glitz and glamour to W12, unfortunately for Rangers supporters this tag has been reserved primarily for the guests as the playing side remains seriously under-funded.

Rumours of Luis Figo and Alessandro Del Piero have come and gone, and penny-pinching Rangers have cobbled together a team from the bargain basement.

The likes of Liam Miller and Gary Borrowdale are two of the most recent introductions that have failed to make a genuine impact on the Championship – the latter being placed on a lengthy contract and already appears to be on his way out after failing to make an appearance.

There has been a lack of ambition labelled at Briatore from sections of supporters with one of the richest men in the world – Lakshmi Mittal – seemingly unable to spend his money because of the club`s stance on player`s wages.

Briatore explained to Bloomberg that in the current economic downturn it is not viable to pay exorbitant sums of money on player`s wages.

He said: “The way the wages of the players are in this moment is completely wrong,

“A salary cap is fundamental. It`s not possible for people investing in football to make up the difference from their pocket every year.

“Maybe the shareholder is quite a wealthy one, but the club has nothing to do with the shareholder,” Briatore said. “It`s difficult for me cutting the salaries of people working in Formula One or the employees of QPR, while the players are untouchable. It`s about principles.”

In the January transfer window Mr Briatore shared Michele Platini`s view of Manchester City`s approach for Kaká. Both were scathing of City`s approach with Briatore describing the deal as ‘mad`.

Concerning the supporters he stated: “You have to have respect as well because there are people in the grandstands who only earn £14,000 a year.

‘When I arrive at my club parking lot it looks like the best car dealership in London because you see only Porsche, Audi and Ferrari.

‘Yet there are people out there who have difficulties paying their mortgage.”

Rangers cost cutting cull in recent times has seen the departure of youth team coach Steve Brown – something which the club has scarcely mentioned, yet players such as Gary Borrowdale continue to draw a wage from the club without a contribution.

While Briatore takes an admirable stance on the wages and the economic downturn, could it be viewed as an elaborate façade? Especially when you hold these comments against the backdrop of current season ticket prices, where in some cases fans have been sadly priced out the ground.

Could it be viewed as a cynical ploy on the part of the co-owner to stop his rivals from spending? Or is Flavio looking out for the long-term state of the game and it`s supporters?

In case you weren`t aware it`s season ticket renewal period?

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10 Replies to “Briatore Calls For Wage Cap”

  • Too true, but nevertheless I think he wants to do things on the cheap, and we always seem to settle for second best. Gary Borrowdale at left-back being third or fourth best I’d imagine.

  • Worryingly he reiterates his plan to not “spend big” at QPR – using the excuse that a “big name” player will mean big bucks salary. This is not a promising sign – particularly after the stupidly long contracts handed out in the last 12-15 months to players who really shouldn’t be at our Club – in which case how are we going to bring in the quality we need to get out of this division. Worrying!

  • Bhatia has said once we get to the Premier League (not if) they will spend money. So it seems a bit of a nonsense that we’re left waiting in what is one of the toughest leagues to get out of.

  • This is the biggest “Catch-22” situation I have ever witnessed – they want us to get into the Premier League where they WILL spend money – but they dont want to spend money to get us there – so we will go on failing to get out of the Championship!!

  • What is the point in being the second richest club in football (behind my beloved ManCity) if you are not prepared to spend any of that money on the team? As the old saying goes, you need to speculate to accumulate; spend some cash on some big name players, get into the Premier League, and HEY PRESTO – Your club suddenly starts to generate revenue from tickets, merchandising and most importantly television. Simple really, so perhaps Flavio should go away and think about it, stop having a go at City and start treating the QPR fans to a bit of what they thought they were going to get!

  • I don’t want us to throw about money we plainly don’t have. You don’t have to spend vast amounts to get out of the Championship – but I think you need to spend SOME money. I’d hate to be another Chelsea or Man City – that’s just not QPR and if we ever started doing what you guys are doing, that’s the day we’ve lost our club as far as I’m concerned.

  • Looks like another season in the Championship then. City is owned outright by HRH and if he wants to buy players then surely that is his right to do that, if the club makes a loss, that too his his business, I dont see our owner making snide comments about QPR and you wont, its called good breeding.

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