Date: 11th April 2009 at 2:48pm
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I have it on excellent authority that Flavio Briatore has just spent the past few minutes, since 2.30pm, with the QPR fans.

He came out of the tunnel, which is by the ‘away fans’ end, and stopped to talk to, amonst others, Gobi Ranganathan – he who is the ‘voice of the fans’ in our match-day programmes.

I am waiting for more on Briatore’s sudden appearance – ‘messiah-like’ – amongst our brethren who braved the cold and wet to schlepp up to Burnley this afternoon.

Watch this space!

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3 Replies to “Briatore Braves The Fans! Exclusive!”

  • Hi Sandly, that is the best bit of news I’ve heard re our club for a while if it’s true. It might just be a sign that the man is actually listening.

  • HE is a brave man. That said, he must honestly believe that he has done the right thing in dumping PS for the reasons announced by the club. It is interesting that despite all the rantings by some fans, the poll that Boxer started still shows that the majority believe that the right decision was taken.

  • QPR4Me & RTID2048 – you should come over to the “Forums” section to put your points across! You’re most welcome there, y’know! But I do agree that it is most interesting that we all seem to feel that PS wasn’t necessarily the right answer. I have been quite bored in the last few home games! I haven’t had any more about Briatore’s sojourn with the fans – but I see that, plus the statement the Club put out about Blackstock (however true or relevant – at least they put something out and didn’t just sit behind “no comment”!)

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