Date: 6th April 2009 at 3:05pm
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In a terse statement issued about half-an-hour ago on, it was announced that Bruno Oliveira has had his contract terminated with immediate effect. The statement goes on to say that the Club will be making no further comment on Oliveira’s departure.

Oliveira joined QPR along with Paulo Sousa in November 2008.

My mind is working over-time now! What with Sousa’s astonishing announcement on Saturday evening that he had no idea Blackstock was going to be loaned out. Swiftly followed by his choice of coach, Bruno Oliveira, departing at extremely short notice, this smells very much to me like the Board is getting ready to replace Paulo Sousa himself.

If this does happen, which of course none of us could do anything about even if we wanted to, I for one would be very disappointed.

If every time a manager comes in and doesn’t get the immediate results that satisfy the Board, how are we ever going to move forward? The Club needs stability – not just financially but, most importantly, from a managerial point of view. If Sousa does leave sooner rather than later if would mean we would be looking for our 7th manager in less than two years. Hardly the stuff that creates stability and provides the steady basis from which to make a serious promotion challenge in the near future.

I think the answer is – we are just going to have to wait & see. But it doesn’t look promising . . .

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